In search of story

6 thoughts on “November 15.19

  1. I would love to glide, but I’m guessing I crackle. 🙂

  2. I have not known you to ever snap twigs or crackle, my friend.

    • I can’t help a bit of chuckle on that. I think I’ve left a snapped twig in my wake once or twice. Maybe you haven’t seen it because you’re a good influence!

  3. I think they do crackle like tinder ablaze sometimes, but unctuous is not a word I would associate with you. Mischief, yes. You were on a roll with barkscratch / backscratch, so much so that I was lost for words when I read it.

  4. Hard to imagine you at a loss for words, but thank you for these. We may need to form the Anthropomorphist Society except no one would join because it’s too hard to type.

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