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9 thoughts on “November 13.19

  1. -1 feels like with the wind chill this morning. Our ducks have frozen water so they’re not happy campers. 🙂

    • Same windchill here last time I looked, but our water isn’t frozen yet. However, not being a duck, I can’t say it looks very inviting anyway. I am sure it’s a lot worse there. I bet the ducks aren’t the only unhappy campers — this is too early!

  2. Absolutely love this!

  3. I seem to see a piano. I can’t imagine how creatures survive outside in this cold weather. My sweetheart points out they have fur or feathers and instincts, but I still wonder how they manage.

    • Oh, very good! I am sure that is evidence of a very creative yet orderly mind. As to survival in this cold, I wonder with you how they survive — I never saw a duck with a hot cup of coffee, so I’m not sure how good those instincts are.

      • I think it might be evidence that I would not get the job!

        Even if the ducks could acquire hot coffee, and drink it without hurting their beaks, they would most likely not be able to imagine sipping it in an Orangery. Poor ducks.

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