In search of story

October 27.19



Speaking only for myself,

I’d suggest that this could be

today’s interpretation

of Lady Liberty,

the inscription at her feet

a contemporary take:

“Instead of huddled masses

a massive bad headache!”


More thanks to photographer S.W. Berg.

And kudos to the unknown sculptor.


2 thoughts on “October 27.19

  1. This issue is bigger than an elephant. I take the easy way out and hope future generations can come up with viable solutions because I don’t want to spend my few remaining years all incensed about it. I went to an all day gardening event yesterday and every time a conversation started to get political I moved on. I did have to make it through a couple of hours of driving time when it skirted the issue, but I just keep quiet so once the person voiced her opinion the conversation moved on. Arguing does no good because all that happens is that everyone has a headache and since the world is so polarized, friends could actually be lost. 🙂

    • Bigger than an elephant. Oh, yes. I think you’ve hit on the biggest issue, and that is our growing intolerance for disagreement. I begin to feel it in myself, and that troubles me. I don’t blame you for moving on yesterday — why ruin a perfectly good gardening event? I congratulate you on your forbearance; it’s hard to know sometimes which contributes to world peace, keeping one’s counsel or declaring it from a soapbox. Meanwhile, there’s this headache…

      Thanks for your thoughts, Judy. I hope the gardening talk yesterday helped to balance out the chaos du jour.

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