In search of story

October 25.19


Sing a song of decadence,

a hymn to sweet excess,

paean to insouciance —

hail, oh, sticky mess!

Concupiscence so caramel’d,

so delicately plated,

inarguable its tenet:

self-restraint is over-rated.



With a tip of the hat (and maybe the scales)

to The Cake Bake Shop by Gwendolyn Rogers,

Broad Ripple, Indianapolis.

7 thoughts on “October 25.19

  1. When it comes to dessert, self-restraint is definitely over rated. I don’t do hard liquor, drugs, nicotine, but I do do sugar. However, it’s not my fault. My childhood was spent living next door to a candy shop. It’s my Mother’s fault. 🙂 Blame Mom for everything, right?

  2. Your ode to caramel joy tempted me to investigate… twelve pounds of apples in every apple crumble pie? How big are those pies?

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