In search of story

October 23.19


Chin up, people say,

and thus we raise our vision,

but the stoic looking up

can result in sad omission;

next our toes, ‘mid last year’s leaf,

in stature seeming humble

littleness abounds

in comfy forest crumble.

We can ill afford to slight

the low and lofty mixed:

balance is decreed

sky and ground betwixt.


More thanks to photographer S.W. Berg.


6 thoughts on “October 23.19

  1. Happy fall Wednesday to you too! Raining here so our mushrooms are happy. 🙂

    • Oh, indeed! Nothing so happy as a mushroom in a shower! I don’t know if you are the one who posts those Wordless Wednesday photos from Jon B., but I want you to know that they take my breath away. I look forward to them. I hope your day is a good one, even if a bit soggy!

  2. Can you hear me gasp? Our age!! Yay for the elders of the world! When you presented your list of recommended blogs, I think I did visit his, although I don’t think I noticed he was an elder, and I think I tried to follow it, but I had all kinds of troubles. I tried to follow several of those but couldn’t. I have been able to follow gardeninacity, and I’ve been enjoying that. But that Jon B. is completely extraordinary. Thanks for posting his work — it is as inspiring as yours!

  3. ‘Forest crumble’ is perfect, as is ‘low and lofty mixed’. Neck ache ought to be a badge of pride at this time of the year as we try to take it all in.

    This mushroom seems to have visible growing pains.

    • Oh, yes — taking it all in! Therein lies the challenge. I do like your observation about the growing pains, and I also like the mushrooms. I think I have not seen mushrooms sporting this color before, and I like it a lot!

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