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6 thoughts on “October 13.19

  1. Happy Sunday. 6:30 a.m. here, and it’s still pitch black outside. 🙂

    • Happy Sunday to you, too, Judy! The only sign of dawn here right now is the occasional back porch light of dog owners. I’m warming my hands on a mug of coffee — feels good!

  2. Is this your own photo? It’s a beauty! “Fire” and “lava of dawn” indeed!

  3. Your poem made me wonder if you too think: ‘Red sky at night, shepherds’ delight. Red sky at morning, shepherds’ warning’ when you see a sky like this one. I had not realised the idea comes down to us through The New Testament and Shakespeare’s Venus and Adonis until you prompted me to look it up, so thank you for that!

    • I learned it with different wording: sailors instead of shepherds. But it amounts to the same kind of weather report, yes? I had no idea it came through the New Testament or Shakespeare, so I thank you back!

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