In search of story

October 9.19


October rain,

like dirty lace curtain,

makes me look twice,

dubious, uncertain;

I can’t be seeing

what I think I see:

spring blossoms

on the crabapple tree?

It must be raining

an optical illusion;

there can’t be such

botanical confusion.

Petals of pink

as winter descends?

Is there something afoot

this anomaly portends?

The year just gets weirder

as rains turn to snow;

I’d ask “what next?”

but I don’t want to know.


5 thoughts on “October 9.19

  1. I had a magnolia tree that blooms early spring before it produces leaves, and then it had numerous blossoms this past August. I think Mother Nature is as confused about this world as we are. Yes, I don’t want to know what’s next either.

    • That’s a sobering thought: Mother Nature as confused as we are. It’s good to know I’m not the only one who doesn’t want to know what’s next.

  2. My sweetheart says untimely blooms are often a sign of stress.

    • This tree is one of two in my neighbor’s yard and both have looked sickly to me all summer. So these blooms might be their way of declaring just how bad they feel? Poor trees.

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