In search of story

September 25.19


On a bland and barren slab of clay

something delicate and fine —

did it touch my path by accident

or was it by design?


A lot of things take on deeper meaning these days, dear reader. I am given much to think about. My grandchildren spent the night with me this past weekend; my fifteen-year-old granddaughter is now a vegetarian because of her convictions. I am trying to reduce plastic in my life. My own aging body tells me daily nothing is forever. A lone butterfly seems to block my way in angry silence. Just my imagination, right?


6 thoughts on “September 25.19

  1. Oh, I went through the vegetarian era myself with my grandkids. There was a lot of one way conversation extolling the virtues of veggies and the atrocity of eating meat, but I still enjoyed my burger after they left. Good thing too, because they’re back to being eating meat. šŸ™‚ We won’t talk about aging bodies, but I think that butterfly was just stopping to bring a little beauty of your day. šŸ™‚

  2. Don’t I know! Part of my education over the weekend had to do with something called TikTok. I fell off my chair laughing. They were pulling up music I hadn’t heard since my mother ironed in the kitchen!

  3. Yes, your imagination. It’s in faith that you would tread gently and pass on a part of its story.

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