In search of story

September 23.19


Little woolly overcoat

inching up my wall,

do you think you’re coming in

to cozy up for fall?

Yes, I know that winter comes

with autumn equinox,

but I can’t accommodate

your hundred shoes and socks.


As if the trees and the stores weren’t reminder enough, come now the woollies to tell us that summer sets and autumn rises. I wish for all of us, dear reader, a season to catch our collective breath in the colors and new air that will come. May the din of the absurd be muffled, if only for a while.


6 thoughts on “September 23.19

  1. That’s right – cozy up ‘outside’ where there is more room. 🙂

  2. Exactly. I explained in no uncertain terms to him that he was not going to get cozy inside with me. He left in a huff. On my trowel.

  3. I had to re-home a spider last night before bedtime. I felt a bit mean because it was raining at the time. I would not be too surprised if it has found its way back in by whatever route it used last time.

    • “Re-home”! What a great word. However, as it applies to spiders, no way. You are much more tolerant of wild life than I am. I re-home indoor spiders with the vacuum cleaner. As for the rain, you oughtn’t worry: spiders love rain. I bet it spent the night playing in it — think of all those legs splooshing around in puddles!

      • My mum picks them up but I use a glass & card removal van. I thought about mentioning with its long legs it could easily travel some distance but was scared that long legs might give you the heebie-jeebies. Evidently not. I’m impressed.

      • Your mum picks them up? You mean with her bare hands? Yikes! There are heebie-jeebies all over me!

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