In search of story

September 20.19


Winter comes

in scarlet blushes

leaf by leaf

not in rushes.

Every day

each tardy dawn

takes more time

to stretch and yawn.

By slow degrees

the summer sizzle

wanes to frost

and chilly drizzle.

And so does Nature

try to warn

with color like

a honking horn.


More thanks to photographer S. W. Berg.



4 thoughts on “September 20.19

  1. ‘Honking horn’ works for up here for sure. šŸ™‚

  2. Oh, I don’t doubt that! I bet the trees there sound off like NYC at rush hour!

  3. Re-reading the bit about the dawn, which I really liked, made me yawn very widely several times, so much that my eyes are watering. It’s almost alarming. They say seeing someone yawn can be contagious but this is proof imaginary yawns have the same effect.

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