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4 thoughts on “September 7.19

  1. Ah, yes, the sneezing and the coughing. I’ve been doing some of both. Then I go into the barn and add dust and whatever from the goats’ stall, and I’m busy coughing and trying to wipe my eyes. It’s raining this morning so some will get washed off things. But, let’s talk bumble bees. Are you seeing a lot? We are seeing massive amounts of those chubby striped folks. It has been a lot of fun watching them.

    • Oh, my sympathies! I have occasional sneezing attacks which seem to come out of nowhere, and am running to the Tylenol bottle because of sinus pain also out of nowhere, but nothing like what you are describing. I guess we should be glad we aren’t bees (you are just busy as one). My dad and brother would be terribly sick every fall, and so I can well imagine how bad it is for you. Allergies like that are particularly hideous for a gardener.

      As for bees, there have been some, but over all pollinators have been scarce. I think it’s because I lost my zinnias. I’m happy to hear you have lots there! A good sign! And we need some good signs!

  2. Yours is a tender poem, his is not.

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