In search of story

August 25.19


The hanging basket,

plumply pendant,

becomes a lantern


twinkling August’s

low-flung light

into votives

pink and white.

Summer’s aging

into fall;

twilight’s angle

cuts like awl

through maple leaf

and acorn’d ceiling

while insects call

their raspy reeling.



6 thoughts on “August 25.19

  1. You are so right. Some leaves have started to fall here. There’s no way what tomatoes we have will ripen. Oh well, there is always the kitchen window sill. 🙂

    • Really? Your tomatoes won’t have time to ripen? What a downer for a gardener! Is that because planting was so late this year? I am ripening quite a few on a sunny table, so I know that can work, but it’s so much more soul-satisfying to pick them ripe. I sure hope fall will come slowly there, but there’s no telling what this year is going to do. So far, between the critters and the weather, this year has walloped gardeners.

  2. I agree – flowers lit like this must surely be votives. I think you answered my tomato question above!

    • The late summer sun does incredible things to gardens; it’s as though everything is on fire. As for the tomatoes, yes, some ripen on the vine and some on a plate in the sun. But to me it’s miraculous that I have any at all. I am making tomato progress!

      • Quite miraculous – you’d have been better pleased the day you hurt your hands trying to set it right if you’d have known what August would bring.

  3. Absolutely!

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