In search of story

August 22.19


Breathes there the gardener with soul so dead

who never to a friend has said,

“I grew these glorious slices of red!”


I’ve been gone, dear reader. Time travel. My dear old high school friends, Donna and Bill, have been visiting, and we had our own private tomato fest. Tomatoes for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, served with a heaping helping of boast: I GREW THESE! I believe this is my third gardening year not killing tomatoes, and I’ve not one shred of modesty about them.

The tomatoes were highly seasoned with reminiscing, laughing, and reflecting. To be with friends we’ve known since high school is a real privilege at this age, and rightly savored with summer’s bounty. We returned to gardens, tomatoes, and roadside farmers’ stands of the past, as we slathered butter on the hot corn of the present.

It is fitting to pull out the old family heirloom dishes and other eating finery no matter how casual we are. Eating together is a celebration, and a pretty plate seems the only way to go. Besides, what better way to wear a tomato?

Now comes the time of catch-up. (Sorry. I couldn’t resist.)


Apologies also to Sir Walter Scott.

6 thoughts on “August 22.19

  1. Look at those beauties. I can almost smell that glorious fresh tomato smell. Nice big tomato sandwich would make my day. 🙂

    • As a matter of fact, tomato sandwiches were on that menu! On three-cheese focaccia bread, no less! The sandwich was the main course; everything else was a side dish. Based on what I recall of your tomato plants, I think I see tomato sandwiches in your near future. Pure summer!

  2. I had been fearing a tomato dearth this season, having seen your plant left hanging on by a storm, so seeing this a few days ago was a treat. I thought I had replied them, but evidently not! I’m glad your school friends were there to enjoy them with all the other fruits such friendships bring.

    • Good one! Yes, enjoying the fruits of friendship and the fruits of the garden — nothing better! My poor Beefsteak did take a hit when it fell, but with good old twine to the rescue, I righted it, not beautifully but functionally and part of the plant is bearing some gorgeous reds! It’s so exciting!

  3. Amen to that!

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