In search of story

August 8.19


Going along usually

means we are resignedly

used to certain monotony

knowing what we’re going to see.

But the gods of serendipity

with powers deft and wizardly

bestow upon us mercifully

an occasional jolt of jollity

and make us say with energy

that of all a city’s jewelry

the best is nonconformingly

that thing with personality.


Thanks yet again to photographer S.W. Berg.


7 thoughts on “August 8.19

  1. Love that photo! That special little building is definitely not monotonous. I could live there, but I’d need lots of insulation based upon the way the doors fit. 🙂 Happy Thursday, Maureen.

    • And a happy Thursday to you, too, Judy! Indeed a little insulation — or some good heavy longjohns — would be needed here in the winter. I think there would be a lot of fresh air through this little place. Maybe more fun to look at than live in, but that’s my age showing! I love the photo too, and applaud Bill’s sharp eye.

  2. That is a sequence of feelings I understand. DIY turns to DISY (Do It Somebody Younger).

  3. My sweetheart and I are sitting in Amsterdam airport on our way back to England, smiling about DISY. We got a chance to enjoy some characterful city jewellery here.

    • Oh, I don’t doubt it! I have seen pictures of Amsterdam that are otherworldly. Maybe you took pictures and will use them in your blog?

      • You know what I’m like – what pictures I took are all of gardens that could be anywhere and hanging baskets with geraniums in, rather than the city, which is very characterful.

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