In search of story

August 4.19



if summer is old enough

and the leaves heavy with heat,

continuo of cicada

tricks me, and,

for so brief an instant,

I am back

in the time of bikes, grass prickles,

summer sleighbells of the ice cream man,

clothespin dolls,

clover braids,

a time when we had not yet heard of

mass shootings.

But it — that time — knew of nooses

of word and of rope.

To go back is to ask —

how could a country of lynchings

not become a country of mass shootings?

There is no perfect then.



8 thoughts on “August 4.19

  1. This is, unfortunately, too true. You nailed it.

  2. It is a sad state of affairs. The only thing about ‘then’ was that we didn’t see the coverage everywhere we looked so we were oblivious. I’m not saying that is a good way to be, but the painful news from 50 states and every country weighs heavy on a mind and heart. We went to a neighboring town for a seafood lunch today, and they have had several shootings in the past couple of weeks. I even said out loud, I hope no one shoots us while we’re eating our lunch. Hopefully Monday will be calmer for all of us, Maureen. As for the fond summer memories of cicadas of then, I now have them 24/7 with my tinnitus. 🙂

    • Your have tinnitus??? Oh, Judy, what a misery — I’m so sorry! Is there any medical help for it?

      Indeed we weren’t inundated by the news then as we are now. I agree we shouldn’t be oblivious, but I think we aren’t meant to absorb so much fear and grief. I also think it should be impossible to imagine being shot while eating lunch — but it isn’t impossible at all. Yes, we will hope for calm. Maybe even calm that will last a while.

  3. That is awful! I can only hope that your doctor is wrong — that is a real torment, and people need help with it. And you a gardener, tuned in to the birds and breezes! I feel very bad for you!

  4. Sadly not. I still hope for a kinder future, but I would have felt more confident about that 20 years ago.

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