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July 31.19


Saturday I fell. It was a lovely, slow-motion Swan-Lake-type gardener’s fall, complete with watering can, with a perfect three-point landing: one knee and two hands. Except one hand was clutching a rather full and therefore heavy watering can. My knee landed on the sidewalk, where I left a bit of my DNA.  My hands landed in the soft dirt of the garden, so that was lucky. It was the weight of the watering can that caused mischief.

It couldn’t have happened in the back yard where only the rabbit would have pointed and laughed. Nope. The front yard. I regained my composure best I could and took inventory of my person. All told, very little damage. You know, of course, that the effects were felt later. Not bad, though. Just enough to advise me not to do that again.

Then Monday the refrigerator came. Late. There were moderate problems. The delivery guys were great. So far I can’t get the drawers to work right. There is mysterious goo seeping out of a hinge.

The painters, long delayed because of our soggy spring and sorry summer, started yesterday on the exterior trim and discovered wood rot so bad that I had to call a contractor. I await his return call.

Meanwhile, the daily goes on.  Do we want to know how much time we spend on hold? Is there any way to exact revenge for those recordings? And I’m sneezing my head off. (No loss, you say?) Old age brings allergies?

So when this guy cast his red eye on me and announced himself as the bluebird of happiness I wasn’t buying it. I did, however, hand him a menu featuring hassenpfeffer.


4 thoughts on “July 31.19

  1. I’m having a lot of emotions reading this. First, women our age ‘always’ fall in the backyard and position ourselves that all points hit grass for a softer landing. I’m glad you didn’t get hurt bad when you add that watering can to the sidewalk. Whew. Well, tell me where in the brochure did it say that this $$$$$ refrigerator was going to have drawers that work and no runny goo? Wood rot, they found wood rot? Imagine that. One project that leads to another should be a cheer they teach all contractors. Old age brings every annoying thing imaginable including sneezing. 🙂 And, there is no revenge for being put on hold, however, they do get revenge on us for calling by putting music on there that almost breaks our eardrums. And, then there’s the big guy. Well, after the week you’ve just described a butterfly, hummingbird, or cardinal wouldn’t have done it for you. 🙂 Again, glad you’re okay and haven’t lost your sense of humor, friend. 🙂

    • Thanks for the laughs! Next time I wrassle with gravity, I’ll remember to do it in the back yard in the grass! And you are so right that there was no contract saying that the drawers would work and there wouldn’t be goo. I was fearing that about old age, though: that it brings every annoying thing we can imagine. Phoo. Thanks for your good wishes — sometimes we amaze ourselves, yes?

  2. My first, second and third thoughts were “Oh no!”. My fourth was to hope you’re not feeling any lasting effects and the fifth that you and the earth did well to somehow cushion the fall. My sixth – that the errant fridge ought to be exchanged for a standard, non-goo version by those responsible for supplying it. At this point I’m going to stop counting. There was a flurry of thoughts about the trim (my door needs some attention) including the dismay in a wettish climate of the painters finding a window of opportunity and it closing again. Then I had to look up the rabbit stew. I agree with you that a bluebird ought by rights to be bluer, but it’s a great picture! (I did not want my thoughts to go in the direction of banana skins for obvious reasons, but the irony of our recent conversation is not lost on me).

    • I blush to say that the irony was totally lost on me! But I see now that my own version of “all the perfumes of Arabia” started with the banana rather than ending with it. My parents always said I did things backwards.

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