In search of story

July 25.19


On the outside looking in,

dangled and precarious,

living lives inside

fleetingly vicarious,

plying restless squeegee,

removing layered goo,

so those looking out

have clarified world view —

what compels the doing

only to be done again?

I think they must be writers

nothing else explains this zen.



More thanks to photographer S.W. Berg.




8 thoughts on “July 25.19

  1. You brought up an interesting topic – things that we continue to do over and over again. It makes me think of the mice who run in those wheels. 🙂

    • Yes, exactly! We do have patterns in our lives where we run in wheels. So when are we running in wheels, and when are we actually accomplishing something? There’s the question, yes?

  2. You made me smile with the surprise and aptness of ‘they must be writers’. My sweetheart is busy ‘plying restless squeegee’ and ‘removing layered goo’ in the front room… better not tell him that though!

    • Your sweetheart sounds like a very noble sort. Of course I still have the image of his truck as part of his persona so I can imagine that he plies a VERY restless squeegee, and most artistically.

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