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July 20.19


How long, dear reader, since you shopped for a major appliance? Say a refrigerator? For me, it’s been a long time and my memories were shaped by the days when one went to an appliance store where one could inspect the actual appliance. If purchased on the occasion of a firstborn’s christening, it would last until that firstborn left for college.

I was, therefore, ill-prepared for my recent search for a new refrigerator. I didn’t want frills. I just wanted to avoid ptomaine. Ice would be nice. Actually, anything frozen would be nice. (The freezer went defunct a while back.)

Today one goes to the Internet and to various “big box” stores, where one might find someone with answers to questions. The sales people — when found — are very nice and consult temperamental computers. (I can do that at home.)

Online, one opens a virtual appliance, and reads things called “reviews.” There is no want of opinions on the Internet. I was awash in them. It took about three zillion of them but I eventually discovered patterns: short-time owners ecstatic; long-time (three years) owners despondent. One adjusts one’s expectations.

The refrigerator gasping its last in my kitchen is a 20-year-old Amana. I make frequent runs to the grocery store to buy bags of ice to keep its insides cold, and it is giving its all to keep going until the new one arrives at the end of the month.

Now you know why we’re having this heat wave.

6 thoughts on “July 20.19

  1. Back in the day, the big purchases were a house and a car. Today, you add anything that costs over $100 because there is normally no one in a store that knows anything about it or its functions so you have to research and do your own due diligence. And, appliances definitely are up there with car purchases today because they’re both run by a computer. Our refrigerator is 13 years old, the water function stopped working, and it’s not getting fixed. The last time the ice maker stopped working, it was $600 to fix it (motherboard as in computer). My theory is that the $600 can go towards the new one. The other thing that seems to also come up is the height and width. Will it fit where the previous one did. 🙂 Be sure to let me know how you like the new one so I can write down your review, and don’t forget to get that 20 or 25 year warranty because that’s always critical at our age. 🙂

    • Thank you for the laugh! Yes, I’ll get that 25-year warranty and have the refrigerator buried with me! I can have cold potato salad in the next life! Kind of like the pharaohs.

      I am impressed that your machine is going after 13 years, with or without the water. I’m having the optional ice maker installed when they bring it, but there’s no dispenser in the door or anything like that. Less is more as far as I’m concerned. As for measurements, I have measured everything a hundred times and still worry about the fit. I suspect that the builders of this house placed this Amana and built the house around it. To say it’s a tight fit is understatement.

      The mere thought of a motherboard in a refrigerator makes me shudder. Have mercy!

      • Maybe we could save a little money and be buried ‘in’ it. Can you see the service? Shelves and drawers removed, freezer partition hacked out, and there we lay with the potato salad. Just plug us in until burial time. We could save thousands. LOL I’m punchy already and we haven’t hit our 8 hours of over 100. Stay cool, Maureen, and as long as we don’t lose our sense of humor we’ll make it. The reason I mentioned measurements was I had a friend who could not find one to fit under the cabinet that was above the space and actually had to take the cabinet out after months of searching. Nothing is simple. 🙂

  2. What a brilliant idea! A twofer! Or more — think of the buffet after the service!

    Punchy. Yes. This heat gets to us even when we aren’t out in it. As for your friend, what a nightmare! I have such visions because I worry I missed an eighth of an inch somewhere. Indeed, nothing is simple.

  3. You have my sympathy. The gap in my kitchen allocated to a fridge-freezer is smaller than most appliances are, which helps simplify my choices. I once read that fridge-freezers are one of the most reliable of appliances, but my fingers are still crossed that your new one will give excellent service when it arrives. It is bad timing to have it breaking now.

    • Thank you! Yes, fingers crossed, please! I think refrigerators USED to be reliable, but I’m not so sure any more.

      I can see that a small space would make shopping simpler by reason of few choices, but that could be inconvenient too. Well, we do what we can with what we have, yes? I bet we’re both pretty good at that!

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