In search of story

July 3.19


Once upon a time

I was so very small

I played in a hydrangea

to me sequoia tall;

above me peeked the sky

through rosy lattice dome,

so magical the place

I wanted never to go home.

I slid down baby leaves

bright green and paper thin,

rappeled on threads of silk,

then climbed back up again.

Parasols of petals

became my firmament

as I lolled in axel cubby

daydreaming, content.

But I felt a tingling change

back to my normal size

and had to hitch a ride

with a pair of dragonflies.

I scarcely could believe

what I saw with my own eyes,

but how frabjous the adventure

you may easily surmise.



Did you know, dear reader, that tomorrow is Alice in Wonderland Day?

I didn’t either.

Usually I’m thanking S.W. Berg for his photo. This photo is mine, but the reminder to celebrate Alice in Wonderland Day is from him. So thanks, Bill. It’s good to remember that a world of absurdities is nothing new.


6 thoughts on “July 3.19

  1. Lovely, and I always like a teaching moment when I have to look up and learn a new word. 🙂 I’ve never climbed a hydrangea, but my grandparents farm had a huge one on the front lawn. I’m guessing those happy memories contribute to the fact that I have no less than a dozen not including all my mop heads. :-)Happy Wednesday, Maureen.

    • Oh, indeed! We know how memories grow in a garden! I bet your hydrangea memories make quite a show in honor of your days with your grandparents. Sometimes we have to think back to those yesterdays because today sure doesn’t make much sense! A happy Wednesday anyway to you too, Judy!

  2. I love your photo and the childlike perspective of this poem. I imagined things like this when I was young. What happened to that imagination?

    • Ah, yes, what happened to the imagination of childhood? I suspect that it’s still there. I am not surprised that you also had such imaginings when you were young; I think your love of travel flows directly from that.

  3. Wishing you and Bill a very happy Alice In Wonderland Day for tomorrow. The poem is a very appropriate way to celebrate. I am feeling slightly baffled that there is such a day, but I can’t think why. I’m sure less worthy things are allocated days.

    • I looked it up and now I can’t remember what I read about why the 4th of July is Alice in Wonderland Day. I doubt that you are the only baffled one. You are most certainly right that less worthy things are celebrated!

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