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July 2.19


I am Gardener:

hear me growl.

Voracious brigands

sneak and prowl.

They come by land,

they come by air,

hordes on wing

and hordes from lair.

My harvest shrinks

with every hour

as they attack,

englut, devour.

Coneflowers! Moss roses!

My zinnia patch!

Impatiens! Basil!

Down the hatch!

I mix and sprinkle,

shake and douse;

my garden fragrance

l’eau d’outhouse.

Instead of blooms

and flowering vines,

all I see

are dollar signs.



4 thoughts on “July 2.19

  1. Watch out, this one could go viral. 🙂 For the first time in too many years to count, I’m seeing some, not all, Hosta chewed off. It looks like deer damage, but normally they go through like they’re at a salad bar. In this case, I have two in one and one in another where there are very large plantings. Then, of course, there are the bugs of every type and size. Add to that, the rain and lack of sun, and I have holes in Knockout Roses that are normally not susceptible, and spots on plants that don’t have spots, and veggies that aren’t growing. I just read an article on line (Purdue Study) about cockroaches being born with immunity to toxins so spraying does not kill them. I don’t know where this is all headed, but it’s not a good path. As I said, you covered it here, Maureen. Happy Tuesday. 🙂

    • And a happy Tuesday to you, too, Judy! Although it’s hard for gardeners to be happy when our work is shredded and chomped. We always know that Nature will make some adjustments to our gardens, but this is ridiculous! So sorry you are experiencing the same things there!

      I am distracting myself from my gardeners’ woes by visiting the blogs you recommended yesterday, little by little. Most enjoyable!

  2. I love this, Maureen. Sad, but true.

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