In search of story

June 7.19


There’s something to be said

for a line that’s imprecise;

like Mona Lisa’s wink,

it makes people focus twice.

This sign that’s not aligned

in parallel perfection

partners with the gleam

of nostalgia and confection.

Gumballs and a Coke lid,

iconic barber pole,

floors that mimic mirrors,

playful, even droll.

There might be message here

in tinseled frippery:

savor the cockeyed line,

seize gumball reverie.

Life can be so dark

with its arrows and its slings;

it’s good when it’s illumined

by bright and shiny things.


Yet more thanks to photographer S.W. Berg.



11 thoughts on “June 7.19

  1. A smile is always appreciated, but I just know I’d have to resist the urge to push it straight just a little. 🙂

  2. You might have thought that strange sound you just heard was a new bird in your neighborhood, but it was me, laughing out loud! Thank you — I needed that!

  3. Something in their mutual inclination away from each other makes me suspect that the gumboil machine and the barber sign might not be too happy to be placed in such close proximity for business reasons, with little chance for escape. Let’s hope it’s just a temporary spat.

    P.S. Love your red rose buds – how apt!

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