In search of story

June 2.19


Benedick Bullfrog

you might hear

raising to skies

his ballad drear.

Part buzz-saw

part bagpipe drone

Model T horn


it wafts to me

in lyric croak

at noon’s high sun

and midnight’s stroke.

His plaintive raspy

tuneless song

his Beatrice finds —

she sings along!

A tuba-thon

would fall more lightly

on my ears

day and nightly.

Indifferent to

my needs circadian

they rapture in

duet Arcadian.




4 thoughts on “June 2.19

  1. Nothing like a croak to make you smile. 🙂 The header shot doesn’t look real – great photo. 🙂

    • There actually have been times the frog has made me laugh — he’s a real Spike Jones throwback. Thanks for the word on the header; we have so few plants doing well at this point that the geranium buds were a real treat.

  2. It’s nice to live with nature… mostly! It was quite a surprise a few years ago to learn how loud frogs can be. When he’s finished wooing, do you suppose the noise will subside?

    • That’s a good question and I don’t have a good answer. I think yes. Indeed they are loud! This guy sounds like a sousaphone across the pond, but is barely visible in the grass. Pretty impressive.

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