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4 thoughts on “May 28.19

  1. I don’t know either so I did what we all do – hit google. A frog is suppose to have moist slimy skin, and a toad has dry bumpy skin. I’m ‘thinking’ this may be a toad. Either way, he’s a cute little guy and won’t require much hard word to ‘host’ him for a visit. 🙂

    • Thank you! It’s more fun to hear from you than to check with google! I suspect you are right because this guy didn’t seem slimy. He also didn’t seem to be in any rush to accommodate me; I was trying to cut back this ugly bush and he just sat there as though he expected a pedicure from my clippers. Just calm as you please. I finally had to cut off the branch with him on it and tuck it back in the shade where, I hoped, he would be safe.

  2. What an exciting find. We don’t have tree frogs or toads in Lancashire, or at least if we have them, I’ve never seen any.

  3. I almost didn’t see this one! He was so well camouflaged and so serene that he was all but invisible. At first he startled me, and then I regained my composure enough to say to him DON’T MOVE! I’M GOING FOR MY CAMERA! Moving, apparently, was the last thing on his mind.

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