In search of story

May 19.19


In matters of parenting

we have to admit

some things beyond

our control and our wit:

whether two or two hundred,

one will get loose,

another will always

be the caboose.



If you know me, dear reader, you know I do not love these geese.

However, I have to grant they are occasionally hilarious.




4 thoughts on “May 19.19

  1. A friend lives near a body of water and has gone crazy trying to shoo off the geese and all their droppings. She has tried everything anyone ever heard of, but now she has something that works – a green lase pointerr. Apparently, they point it even near the geese and off they go. 🙂

  2. I had to look up caboose. It’s not a new word as I think I have photographed one, but obviously one not sufficiently internalised. In fact I had to look it up twice to get ‘last’! I wonder whether in a string of ducklings there is a pecking order or if it is just the last one to notice all the others were heading off?

  3. So interesting that “caboose” is not a daily word for you. Our mother tongue is forked indeed! Your musing about the babies is right on. That’s exactly part of the mystique as it applies to people. I am of the mind that there is one who just doesn’t notice, busy as she is with high-level philosophical thoughts.

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