In search of story

May 12.19


I think they look huffy,

a bit high and mighty,

as though family life

is always this tidy.

I think it’s a ruse,

this complacent look,

a portrait for gloating

on their family Facebook.

Such serene air

is hardly the way

most parents spend

a usual day.

So here’s to reality,

mess by the ton:

a whole lot of work,

a whole lot of fun!


A happy day to all who mother!

(And, yes, some days the work:fun ratio is not stellar.)



4 thoughts on “May 12.19

  1. Perfect! Love the photo and the words to accompany it. The header shot is amazing as well. Here’s to a great Mothers’ Day, Maureen. 🙂

  2. Thanks, Judy, and a great Mothers’ Day to you, too! As grandmas we’ve had twice the fun, yes?

  3. Love it! Happy Mother’s Day to you! Have a wonderful day.

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