In search of story

May 9.19


To me, walls were all but invisible

they merely made space divisible

it was my feeling

they just held up the ceiling

now I see that perspective as risible.

A wall has its own eloquence

bare, or with embellishments

art has perdured

lest we be immured

by blinders and old habits’ fence.


More thanks to photographer S.W. Berg

and to the unknown muralist who made us look.

Have you, dear reader, seen the new stamps commemorating Post Office murals?

I like them a lot.

Furthermore, I actually remember Post Office murals!


8 thoughts on “May 9.19

  1. I don’t enjoy graffiti, but I LOVE a good mural, and this is a good one. I haven’t seen the new stamps but now I need to go check them out. LOVE your header too. Hope the sun is shining in your part of the world. We’ve got a sunny day here today!! 🙂

    • I am so happy to hear about your sunny day! Wunderbar! We do not have sun but we do have a gentle rain with a looming possibility of storms a little later. However, we had three days — THREE DAYS IN A ROW! — of sunshine, and they were fabulous. So I can rejoice with you even if today is gloomy here. I just changed the header, and I hope you like this one too. It’s still the tree peony, but with more sun on it; the last one bothered me because of the shadows. The flower is so beautiful and it deserved a bit more light, I thought. Glad you like the mural too — I think it’s amazing. I marvel at the mere thought of painting flamingo heads on a wall. I’d never think of such a thing!

  2. Then you have much in common with the late Professor John Carlisle, who was a faculty member in our English department. He published a book on post office murals.

    • I think I kind of remember something about that, although I sure wouldn’t have thought of it without your memory prod. Some things from those days are heavily befogged. But some things from those days, as your sly friend Mr. Clemens would say, I remember clearly whether they happened or not.

  3. Two flamingo hearts – how quirky!

    • I didn’t even notice the hearts! I need to see more washing machines in gardens to sharpen my imagination vision! I just read about Arbor Gate and was transfixed by everything. But my comment didn’t go through. I will try again later. Meanwhile, I will work on seeing more in what I look at!

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