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7 thoughts on “May 3.19

  1. I have one salmon colored poppy plant, and when it blooms, that is exactly how I feel. Of course, if this rain doesn’t stop and we get some sun, I’m not sure it will bloom. I’m not sure we’ll have a gardening season.

    • Salmon color! That must be gorgeous! I think I know something of how you feel about gardening season. The rain just won’t stop here, and a sunny day is unknown. I’m glad I got this photo when I did because the next day this almost-open bloom was completely flattened by the downpours. It is so discouraging! You’re right to wonder if there will even be a gardening season. Heavens, without a gardening season there will be lunatic gardeners everywhere!

  2. This is a beautiful photo…”exquisite” is the perfect word for it! I wish you sun…

  3. The tumble of petals makes for a lovely picture with the hint of pink as a bonus. I like the poem too. Food for thought. I keep meaning to tell you how I pulled out my book of Emily Dickinson poetry a few months ago, read through it for a while and concluded ‘On the whole, I prefer Oddment’s poems’.

    • Oh, wow. THANK YOU! For me, that is a huge compliment! Emily’s wordcraft so often amazes me. Very happy that you like this poem and the photo. The poor flowers have been almost shattered by the rain the last two days, but I’m holding some hope for a few of the tighter buds. It’s such a short-lived beauty as it is.

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