In search of story

March 17.19


Two mallards in the pond

are not a sign of bliss

one has staked a claim

the other says it’s his

they cut each other off

in cut-throat promenade

unmindful of how handsome

their St. Patrick’s Day parade.



Happy St. Patrick’s Day, dear reader!

May your emerald top hat shine as bright!


6 thoughts on “March 17.19

  1. Happy St. Patrick’s Day to you as well. And, may those Mallards realize how beautiful they are and that we want both of them to coexist. Maybe we can learn from them. 🙂

    • Alas, I’m at the point of thinking we’ll never learn!

      I’m pretty sure each one of these knows how good-looking he is. Ms Mallard is nowhere to be seen; I think she’s done with their shenanigans. Or, more likely, she’s in a family way and is thinking about how cute her eggs are going to be.

      I don’t have a green top hat to doff, but I do have a greying head to nod and a cup of coffee to lift. Irish blessings to you, Judy!

  2. I leave a lot to the young folks these days — it’s their turn!

  3. Belated St Patrick’s Day greetings (lifting a cup of coffee in salutation).

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