In search of story

8 thoughts on “January 29.19

  1. Living in a beach condo for a couple of months, there is not a wall without a mirror. I watch myself walk, chew my dinner, sew, read a book – you get the idea. I told my husband when I get home I may put black material over the bathroom mirrors just so I can get a break from me. 🙂

  2. This one is a puzzle. I don’t have the kind of brain that can work out how that picture can come to be – how the photographer does not appear in it and where are the finger smudges?

  3. Ah, yes: the brain behind this photo — it is indeed a puzzler. I will be sure he sees your query. Perhaps he has answers. Thank you for the very big laugh.

  4. I fear I woke my neighbors on this!

  5. Maureen, you are, as always, an incredible writer. As to the picture by my husband, spider could fit him I suppose. His mind is rather unique as you know Maureen. I can hardly wait to see his next comment.

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