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6 thoughts on “January 26.19

  1. I’m liking that Robin’s attitude. I have a thing about being late. I am usually the first one to arrive at a meeting and have also been known to pull off the road before I get to my destination and kill a few minutes because I’m ‘too’ early. Yep, that Robin and I would get along just fine. 🙂

    • Thanks to the image of you as the conscientious, compulsively early robin, I now have “Rockin’ Robin” going through my head! You just might remember it. Now where did I put my bobby sox?

  2. Your post reminded me of ‘…and what will the robin do then, poor thing?’ An English robin is permitted to postpone worming in that kind of weather and head for a barn.

    • The English robin is to be commended for its good sense. And, yes, one has to recite some kind of plaintive line over the shivering American robin that apparently can’t tell January from June.

      • I dare say that one would starve if it didn’t brave the weather. We tried birdseed in my sweethearts garden last month, but it only gave us a garden full of squirrels – the birds ignored it.

  3. How discouraging! Squirrels can be so rude!

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