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New Year’s Eve 2018



Celebrating is an art

you can’t be ordinary

but must be part Crayola box

part fearless visionary.

The virtue of the party hat

is very widely known

and if your name is Emmy

there’ll be an ice cream cone.

Here’s celebrating you, dear reader,

and those you hold most dear!

May there be good aplenty

in your coming year!



Happy New Year, dear reader!

The old year was tough on optimism, but you as readers and fellow bloggers

have made many a bright spot in it. Thanks!


I’m not sure who took this picture, but once again here is the irrepressible Emmy

celebrating everything.



6 thoughts on “New Year’s Eve 2018

  1. I’d like Emmy to come for a visit because I think she and I would get along well. 🙂 But, I don’t think I could copy her fearless colorful attire or they’d call the guys with the white jackets to pick me up. 🙂 Here’s to a great 2019. 🎇

    • I was thinking along those same lines: I could do the ice cream cone, and maybe the hat, but I doubt I could pull off the tutu and tee shirt look. Emmy has her own style, and, yes, I think you and Emmy would get along famously! Happy new year, Judy!

  2. Happy New Year! I love the rapt expression… may ice cream always be a ready source of bliss!

  3. Now that I think about it, I believe you’ve hit upon another noble reason to eat ice cream! Excellent!

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