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5 thoughts on “Disconnections: December 27.18

  1. It’s wild and rainy here today – luckily there are lots of birdhouses around for the creatures and we have an oversized birdhouse for ourselves.

    I love the colours in the picture. Does the picture come first and the poem second, or a bit of both? They always go together so well.

    • Thank you! Picture first. I must admit, though, that when the photos are mine sometimes I’m not sure which comes first. My writing mate Tamara got me hooked on using photos as prompts several years ago, and I’ve learned a great deal from the habit.

      Rainy here too today, alternating between shower and deluge. And quite warm for December. I like your notion of the oversized birdhouse.

  2. A simple little house with no unwanted phone calls or fake news. I could get behind that. 🙂

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