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Disconnections: December 25.18



Do you remember, dear reader, two Christmases ago when my big beautiful tree fell flat on its face, ornaments and all? And we (my son) had to wrestle it across the room and tie it to the bannister with twine to keep it upright? Here it is again. More or less. Well, definitely less. This is the top part.

As you know, this has been the year of The Downsize. The tree is a little shorter, and so am I. We hold a million memories anyway.

Our tinsel might be tarnished,

our limbs a bit askew

but we wish a merry Christmas

and peaceful heart to you!





5 thoughts on “Disconnections: December 25.18

  1. And, a very Merry Christmas to you, Maureen. 🎄 It is interesting how we get shorter as we age. Where does that inch or two go exactly. Hmm. The tree looks lovely. 🙂

    • Thank you for the laugh yet again! I know EXACTLY where those inches go! Glad you like the tree — I do too! A very merry Christmas to you, Judy, and to all your family!

  2. And to you!

  3. I remember the tree and the twine. Thanks very much for your good wishes. I hope you had a lovely day too and am just sorry you don’t have Boxing Day to recover from any excesses (expended energy, too much good food, etc) like the British do. I did call in briefly to see you on Christmas Day but am only just leaving my virtual calling cards today.

    • It was lovely of you to stop by on Christmas! You are quite correct (as Gilbert and Sullivan would say) about Boxing Day. I needed a day of recovery. I’m taking it today while the rain dribbles down the windows. I’m sure my neighbors need recovery time too because my grandchildren came armed with cello and violin and we made a joyful noise in honor of the day.

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