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Disconnections: December 23.18



Life has its moments

of bliss unalloyed,

of humor splenic

roundly devoid.

When eye and nose

and memory combine

to flour and fat and filling


In pie, in pie

the toothsome all:

in fragrance, form,

the anti-banal.

If ever our being

you seek to justify,

look but to crusted

invention of pie.



With many salivating thanks to photographer S. W. Berg.

And kudos to pastry artist Jennifer Berg.

Full disclosure: I couldn’t bake a pie even if you threatened me with Brussels sprouts.

But I can eat it.



4 thoughts on “Disconnections: December 23.18

  1. I love pie. I love dessert of any kind. And, I understand about making pie crust. My Grandmother and Mother-in-law made crusts in five minutes that melted in your mouth. I, however, have been known to purchase Mrs. Pillsbury’s crusts because I want to make sure that their stock stays in the black. πŸ™‚ I bake a fair amount and am pretty good except when it comes to pie crusts. I might as well use dry wall mix. So, I buy pre-made and figure surely they wouldn’t sell them if they didn’t know that there was an entire audience of wonderful folks out here like you and I who need them. πŸ™‚ I did just put a coconut cake in the oven before I sat down. That I’m good at. πŸ™‚

    • Ooooh, coconut cake! I can eat that too! Grandma Mauck used to bake such a thing, and I would pick the coconut off before I’d eat the cake. Was I everyone’s favorite little girl or what?

      Thank you for all laughs! I’ve tried once or twice to make a pie crust, and I find that “drywall mix” describes my efforts exactly. I love your sense of responsibility to the overall economy by keeping Pillsbury in the black, and I’ll take that as good example to follow.

      I think your home must smell heavenly right now.

  2. I’m more of a pie eater than a baker, but my sweetheart has recently learned how to make chicken pot pie as he knows how much I love it. As he observed last night: “I think this is the best one yet, except for accidentally putting the cottage pie beef gravy mix in it”. Funnily enough, it was!

    • Chicken pot pie is one of life’s great pleasures! I cannot imagine being so good a cook as to make one, though. Perhaps your sweetheart has just invented something the world has been waiting for: chicken pot pie made with beef gravy. Who knew?

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