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Disconnections: December 13.18



An obvious moral is corny

an insult, trite and hacked;

the reader need not be assailed

with life is a balancing act.

Nonetheless, Nature advises

with many a silent word;

I’m sure there’s admonition

which oughtn’t go unheard.

Is it only balance

mutely blatant above

or does it speak of deadwood

I need to let go of?



More thanks to photographer S.W. Berg.



6 thoughts on “Disconnections: December 13.18

  1. Deep – you made me think beyond the photo, and I must admit I was hung up on the photo. The neighbor has one of these hanging right over our raspberries. When I went out there to work this summer, I’d look up first to make sure it was still balanced up there. I’m guessing when it comes down so will some of my raspberries and their supports. 😦 We also have two branches hanging over our white pvc backyard fence. We’ve tried to get a tree company to come take them down before they take out several fence panels, but we’re still waiting. Geez – you didn’t know you were going to get this dissertation. 🙂

  2. Bring on those dissertations! I enjoy them and can commiserate much of the time! Neighbors are weird, aren’t they? Of course, as that weird old lady who is out with her camera after who-knows-what, I haven’t much room to talk, but at least I don’t allow dead limbs to dangle over my neighbors’ yards. And I don’t mumble to myself as I’m taking the photos. Much.

    Was “hung up on the photo” a pun? If so, it was admirable. But, yes, it’s a wonderful photo. The hardy photographer fought off numerous brambles and trudged through serious leaf heaps to get this one.

  3. A good question, isn’t it? Keeping balance or letting go of deadwood? I think both are desirable, but niether is easy to attain.

  4. In my sweetheart’s neighbourhood, there are a frightening number of trees maintaining this type of balance…temporarily, as sure as anything, deadwood will be let go.

    • Yikes. I wouldn’t care to go about wondering which tree was about to bop me. But that’s a good thought about deadwood: it WILL be let go. The trick is not to be standing under it, eh?

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