In search of story

Disconnections: November 30.18



The header up above

is fragment of this tree.

Photographer, you might surmise,

is puny awestruck me.

I stood in back-bowed wonder

beneath a world bedecked;

I think I have a clue

why I am so stiff-necked.


With thanks to S.W. Berg, the photographer of the photographer.

2 thoughts on “Disconnections: November 30.18

  1. Looking good. 🙂 We have such a mess here. Most folks didn’t get their leaves picked up before it snowed, so now it is a combination of fall and winter garbage everywhere you look. Those leaves look much better ‘on’ the tree. 🙂

    • You are so right about where the leaves look good. I was so in awe of this tree, but still I could be glad it wasn’t in my yard! What a mess you have there — all those leaves mixed with snow? ICK.

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