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7 thoughts on “Disconnections: November 20.18

  1. Love that photo. πŸ™‚ Yes, it starts getting dark here around 4:30, and I’m not real into selfies when I look out the window, but day light saving time doesn’t really care. Today is my birthday and Mother Nature is gifting us with an entire day of snow. It’s been coming down for hours. I made one trip out, but will be out again later this afternoon. I do the cars and the trim work. I wonder if she knows I would have preferred flowers. πŸ™‚

    • No kidding! Your birthday? Well, happy birthday! This is also the birthday of my old friend Ann — and I mean “old” in its finest sense, of course. She and I met in kindergarten! It’s lovely to think of the same birthday for an old friend and a new friend. As to Mother Nature, she doesn’t give a hoot what WE want. Obviously she didn’t ask you what you wanted for your birthday. Flowers would be SOOO much better! Be careful — you have only one back!

  2. Lovely, and true. Glad you’re back writing again after that little hiccup this fall. Happy Thanksgiving!

  3. Your ice clock prompted me to think about time and ways of measuring it, so I looked it up and found a (real, measurable) jiffy then a succession of ‘minimums’ such as yoctoseconds and Planck time. Now I feel like Alice in Wonderland…

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