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Disconnections: November 3.18



My front yard may be small

but in gold it’s very big

ruddy, blushing yellows

on every branch and twig.

I raised my trusty camera

to capture golden riot

but was dissuaded from my focus

by the egotist too nigh it.

I had to zoom behind

to my neighbor’s tree instead

because nothing photobombs

like the high and mighty red.


5 thoughts on “Disconnections: November 3.18

  1. We normally have lots of red and orange, but this year it has been yellow and gold. We have one sugar maple that is pure yellow and the ground is ankle deep in yellow right now. We have a dark, damp, stormy day ahead so I’m guessing that tree will be contributing even more to the leaf carpet.

    • I feel a bit of anxiety about your loss of red and orange. New England is usually aflame with those colors, isn’t it? I do hope this is just a temporary loss and not another sign of changing climate. There should be lots of colors mixed into your leaf carpet. It makes me cringe just to imagine how thick it is and will be. Mine is a mere rag run compared to yours!

  2. The red and gold seem to be made for one another… and the blue.

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