In search of story

Disconnections: October 29.18



When brutalities of day

give way

to candlelight of moon

do we find ease

and breathe


Or do we ask

is it mere mask

for predator


and illness?



Those of us who try to write struggle to find words for the anguish. Maybe there are none.


4 thoughts on “Disconnections: October 29.18

  1. Sad state of affairs we have gotten ourselves into. It’s like living in Dodge City on a Saturday night, but Wyatt Earp and Matt Dillon are both out of town.

    • It is indeed a sad state of affairs. As I wrote to another friend this morning, I wish I could say it was all unbelievable. But it’s all too believable, and that is probably the most depressing part of it.

  2. When I read about social media sites where ‘anything goes’, I feel how lucky we are to have found a more reflective, kindly online space.

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