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6 thoughts on “Disconnections: September 16.18

  1. Lovely! Your own photo, I presume?

    • Thank you! Yes, mine, fresh-took this morning! I hadn’t had any inspiration in a while, and then I saw this sky developing, so I slopped out in robe and slippers and bided my time, watching the clouds pose. The crickets went wild.

  2. Impressive photo especially since you took it yourself slippers and all. 🙂 I never liked or was good at puzzles. I have no idea why except maybe the OCD in me said subconsciously ‘why spend hours or days putting it together to only take it apart.’ During the winter in SC, there are a lot of folks who love the challenge of a puzzle in a box. I am happy for them but never approach, because I’d be of no help. 🙂 Hope you are having a love September Sunday, friend. And, again, that is an amazing shot.

  3. Thank you! And, yes, it is all the more impressive considering the chutzpah required for me to step outside in any of my robes, all of which are old friends — “old” being the operative word. I think my raggedy seersucker summer robe was the reason the crickets were carrying on so; they thought it was too gauche.

    I’m not a fan of puzzles either. It’s hard enough to put life together, let alone all those itty-bitty pieces.

    A good September Sunday to you too, Judy!

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