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4 thoughts on “Disconnections: September 12.18

  1. Lovely way to start this gray, damp, rainy Wednesday. I love zinnias. 🙂

  2. The flowers with your verbal pointers have sent the sensation of sun falling through the window across the ocean. It’s raining steadily here, so quite a blessing.

    (The spellcheck plus some lax typing on my part turned ‘verbal’ into ‘feral’ – luckily I caught it, because you’d have puzzled over ‘your feral pointers’!)

    • “Your feral pointers” would have sent me scrambling to Google, wondering if this were another intriguing bit of wording from the UK! Spellcheck has its light side. So glad you got a bit of this zinnia sunshine across the ocean — and what a miracle of our time! I hope the rain has let up.

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