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Disconnections: September 10.18


Emmy wanted you to see

what a little girl she used to be,

how she would get all ice-cream-coned

before her skills were practice-honed.

Now that she’s a big girl of three,

she cones a lot more tidily,

avows, it should be here appended,

the ice cream facial is recommended.



My thanks to the unknown photographer

and to the photogenic Emmy.



7 thoughts on “Disconnections: September 10.18

  1. Your photographic skill is so incredible as is your writing. I start my day reading your blog and am always inspired.

  2. That’s the cutest little mucky-pup either with a very long cone or a very small hand. I hope she managed to save the tiny bit of ice-cream you need to be able to show your companions at the end what a tiny cone you’ve been served.

    • Mucky-pup??!! Now there’s a term I could have used many times if I’d only known of it — and now intend to! Thank you! Saving that last point of cone to show people how one got cheated of proper conage is just too devious — surely neither of us knows anyone who would do such a thing!

  3. Now, there’s a girl who knows how to enjoy an ice cream cone. 🙂

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