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2 thoughts on “Disconnections: September 6.18

  1. Hot and humid again today with a ‘feel like’ of 96. Then this weekend we’re dropping into the 60’s with a frost chance up north. This has been the craziest summer weather I’ve ever seen. I have chores in mind but am thinking I’ll take off today and do it another day. I am sick of this humidity. Have a good Thursday. 🙂

    • Frost to your north??!!! And you’re dropping 30 degrees? I realize that your part of the country is different from mine, but still that is quite the stunning change. I have given up fighting this hot humidity, My annuals have had it, and some perennials can barely hold their heads up. I think they are telling us it’s OK to postpone outside work. I also think we’re going to get a visit from Gordon for the next few days, so I’ll be about indoor work for a while. A good Thursday to you too, Judy, despite it all!

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