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Disconnections: September 2.18



The thickly leafy whatzzit tree

rises very pointedly

stretching most directionally

I wonder what I’m supposed to see.

Or maybe that’s a goose-type bill

and feathers made of chlorophyll

some arboreal whippoorwill

gowned in pinnate down and quill.

Or maybe…well, I don’t know how

I can see through its nom-de-bough

morphing sly from then to now

laughing at my furrowed brow.



More thanks to the S.W. Berg Photo Archives and the curator thereof.




4 thoughts on “Disconnections: September 2.18

  1. Here that would depict that some invasive vine like oriental bittersweet had taken over that tree’s former life, and I’d now be guilted to go out there and attempt to do something about it. Attempt is the key word here. 🙂 Happy Sunday, Maureen.

    • Thank you! And a happy Sunday to you too, Judy! This could very well be something unconquerable like that oriental bittersweet; I think this tree is in Virginia and I don’t know if they have that particular vine there. Indeed, “attempt” is the key word! Sometimes the only way to get rid of such a thing is dynamite, but then the neighbors object.

  2. I had to look up whippoorwill. As a rhyme it is up there with the best. However, the beak seems too slender, to say nothing of the neck. My guess is it’s a tree with the ambition to become a fancy dress costume for an unusually large heron plus a vine sure that a telegraph wire must be up there…somewhere

    • I plead ornithological poetic license. But I love your take on it: the costume for the unusually large heron — not to mention the vine in search of a telegraph wire. Which would be quite a search. I may have to write another verse.

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