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Disconnections: August 31.18



It rained a mirror

and a firmament shone underfoot,

looking up at itself,

blue and white,

above and below

the indolent leaves,

their rhythmless drips

like driblets of dreams,


of the night rain,


on the morning glass.



2 thoughts on “Disconnections: August 31.18

  1. Lovely – perfect for a Friday morning before a long weekend. 🙂 We have rain every other day for so long I couldn’t count and now I’m back to watering every other day. Mother Nature always has the last word. 🙂

    • Isn’t that the truth! It hasn’t been as bad here as there, but I spent quite a while last night cleaning up the rain damages to the potted garden on my deck, and noting that some pots were already dried out. No matter how it goes, the gardener can’t quite keep up. Hard to figure sometimes why gardening is so great.

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