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Disconnections: August 19.18


Recently I posted a photo of a blissful Jack Russell (one Lulu by name) with her slimy ball. The question posed was this: which is more fun, the chase or the catch? Chasing and catching had been on my mind.

It used to be that when someone asked a question in a group the others would offer answers based on what they knew (or thought they knew). A hodgepodge formed and grew: bits of memory, stories, irrelevancies, maybe even an argument or a snippet of song. Various voices could be heard.

A lively chase would have been run.

Now the response to a question in a group is silence. Eyes are down, thumbs fly. In half a trice there’s an answer. The catch is caught. Quick, straightforward, efficient. Also sterile.

I think this is not merely the grumping of an old curmudgeon; I think this is the plaintive cry of the writer. What is lost if memory isn’t tapped, stories aren’t told, if no one is wrong, when the path goes straight to the answer, no detours and no curves and no dead ends?

I accord technology the wonder due it, but I’m uncertain about what happens when we don’t dive into our own personal data banks and goofy lives to try to find answers. I’ve been dismayed at how often people dive into their clouds instead.

I grant there’s a place in life for efficiency.Β  Sometimes the best way is the fast way. But I think the writer in me wants the chase and feels rebuffed in some way by the mere catch.

There’s another part to this. Another post, another day.


2 thoughts on “Disconnections: August 19.18

  1. You made me smile with this one. πŸ™‚ I must admit I’m prone to grabbing my phone to look up an answer, but I also enjoy a lively conversation. But, today in order to have a conversation of any type I need to find someone around my own age otherwise all the heads are bent and the fingers are flying. I would love to be a fly on the wall in a modern day conference room at a large business and just see how meetings are conducted in today’s technical environment. Do they still have meetings? Do they converse? Are they all taking notes on their phone? Do they look the other people in the eye? From what I see at restaurants, I can’t quite picture it. πŸ™‚ Happy Sunday, Maureen.

    • Thank you, Judy, and a happy Sunday to you, too! I chuckled at your description of the modern business meeting. Indeed, for all I know they sit around a table looking down at their dancing thumbs. But I bet they aren’t even around a table — they’re probably teleconferencing (whatever that means). What wonders! I’m glad our children and grandchildren are in charge!

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