In search of story

Disconnections: August 9.18



The day closes in layers —

palimpsest first

awaiting tomorrow’s script

inscribed by sandal and toe —

next water, rocking itself

in heavy-lidded blues,

slowing, nodding —

then birds, pulling cloud blanket

tucking in

a yawning world

dimming voices

on edge of dream —

atop, where wisps of day

linger like talcum

a so-distant moon

calls the stars.


Thanks yet again to photographer S.W. Berg.

6 thoughts on “Disconnections: August 9.18

  1. Lovely photo, and you provided another learning opportunity. 🙂 I like the zinnia header shot as well. Happy Thursday, Maureen. 🙂

  2. There’s a lot going on in this photograph. Thanks for pointing it out to us so beautifully.

    • Thanks. I agree about how much is going on in this, and I have found myself coming back to it with the need to re-write. Images are very kinetic sometimes, yes? They can poke at us.

      • It’s that palimpsest effect – all the impressions gradually peeling back. The great thing about a blog post is we can update it whenever we fancy.

  3. Ah, the palimpsest effect — I like it!

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