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4 thoughts on “Disconnections: July 28.18

  1. Years ago, children could spend hours playing and laughing in a sprinkler like that. Today, not so much. As far as water goes, we sure don’t need any here. My plants are starting to show stress from the massive amounts of rain and humidity almost off the scale. Mother Nature sure doesn’t have a scale to balance weather out does she? Hope your weather is more moderate and that you have a good weekend. 🙂

    • You sure have not had great gardening weather this year! From the long, long winter into this wet, dank summer — you are so right about Mother Nature: she has no sense of balance! Here the humidity has been worse than usual this summer; usually we don’t get hit with it until Aug-Sept. The cicadas have started way early, and there already are fewer birds. Not sure what it all means, but then I’m not sure of much these days. So I take refuge in things like watching sprinklers. What memories. I hope your weather clears — a good weekend to you too!

  2. I like this and it’s a lovely picture too. If Nature is in balance, the extremes are well beyond our comprehension.

  3. Thank you. A nice observation about Nature, and you’re right, of course.

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