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6 thoughts on “Disconnections: July 26.18

  1. The family dog we loved the most, Ginger a collie mix, was a frisbee player. We got her from the shelter, and her previous owner must have taught her to play. But, my husband would throw that frisbee until his arm hurt. I can only imagine she loved both the chase and the catch. Thank you for the memory. 🙂

  2. Good question for us all!

  3. A great quandary. They like (pleasing you?) in catching it, so much so they are reluctantly willing to relinquish their prize for the chance of another quest and the thrill of another capture. My sweetheart’s last rescue dog would not fetch or play with toys. It made you wonder what his puppyhood was like. Unlike most other dogs, he did not much care to please… he wanted you to please him.

    • Indeed, one wonders what kind of puppyhood such a dog had. On the other hand, maybe he had it all worked out that people should please him. A foxy dog.

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