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Disconnections: July 14.18


Consider the grip.

You want to turn the outside faucet to get water through the hose? Grip. You want to hold the hose? Grip. You want to fill the watering can, pick it up, and tip it into the potted basil? Grip, grip, and grip.

You want to hold a mug of coffee? You want to pour more coffee into that mug? You want to lather soap, floss your teeth, scrape a bowl? Grip, grip, grip, grip, and grip.

How about squeezing the tube of toothpaste or sunscreen or the handle for a spray bottle? Grip to the nth power.

Thumb, fingers, palm, wrist and a ready back-up of arm muscles — with maybe an assist from the shoulder — pitch in.

Or not.

Some would argue that I’ve been losing my grip for a long time. Ha, ha. I’m not saying they’re wrong; I’m saying that’s not the grip I’m talking about. And I’m not saying I’m the only one with such problems — there are many, many people with limited hand movement — but I am the only one writing on this blog, my bully pulpit. And maybe I speak for others with my words.

I used to say “hold it with both hands” to my boys when they were little. Now I say it to me as I lift a glass of iced tea. My hands do not let me forget they are changing.

Yes, there are adaptive gizmos and techniques that help, and I use them. They don’t, however, unchange the change. This morning I turn to the alternative medicine known as writing. This, dear reader, is my grip gripe, and I feel better already.


6 thoughts on “Disconnections: July 14.18

  1. I’m very sorry you’re suffering this way. I might have mentioned this before and I’m sure there is, sadly, no miracle cure, but my mother swears that daily cod liver oil capsules helped ease her pain and hand movements. She would join you in regretting her loss of grip – it’s hard to overestimate how difficult it makes things that used to be easy.

    • No, you hadn’t mentioned it before, and I thank you now for passing along your mother’s good medicine. We learn so much from each other in this regard. Unfortunately, my HHT makes things like cod liver oil a problem because it will trigger bleeding. Nonetheless, I will tuck this information in my file of possibilities. Thank you!

  2. I have not had to deal with this issue so I can’t offer any suggestions. I am, however, glad you have a bully pulpit for us to provide verbal support. I have arthritis in my hands with ugly bumps and lumps, but so far no pain. My mother and grandmother had the same issue. This aging process is not for the faint of heart and I’m still looking for those golden years. 🙂

    • Thanks for the laugh! I don’t know who came up with “Golden Years,” but I think s/he was probably 29 at the time. No, there’s no place for wimps in this part of life. Alas, I’m the Wimp Queen. I do have that glam gnarled look in my fingers, but it’s this CPPD that is causing most of the mischief, I think. I am DETERMINED to give it a good fight, but that will require occasional ventings. Thanks for being a kind audience!

  3. Thank you, thank you! Recently I borrowed from that, though inaccurately, and I had no memory of its origin. It certainly speaks for me!

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